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Tips for Moving Interstate

Relocating across Australia? Here are some tips to make it easier!

If you’re moving interstate it is wise to be as organised as possible to make sure the process is smooth, efficient, and successful. The following moving tips will ensure your interstate relocation is as stress free as possible, so you can focus on the enjoyment of your new destination.

The biggest tip we can give you is to clearly label all moving boxes with their contents and their location in your new home. Eg: STUDY: Computer cords, printer, stationary, and laptop manuals. This way when you come to unpacking you can take this box directly to your new study, and can unpack boxes according to priority of their contents.

4 weeks before your interstate move:

Notify all utilities providers of your impending change of address. Mark all incoming mail and notify all senders of your new address (this includes banks, internet providers, phone companies etc.)

Acquire all the necessary moving materials (ie. Boxes, tape, packing paper etc.)

Clean out your existing property – throw away anything you’re not going to need/do not want at your new home. This includes cleaning out garages, sheds, storage and other ‘out of sight, out of mind’ hotspots.

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2 weeks before your interstate move:

Start to pack up any and all non-necessity pieces of furniture. This includes book shelves, cleaning out cupboards, packing up non-seasonal clothes etc.

Contact your utilities providers at your new address and organise to have all connections up and running by moving day, so you’re not left in the dark and without internet once you arrive!

If you have a family, organise to have someone look after the kids/pets on the actual day of the move. Organising an interstate move is hectic enough without having to keep an eye on the little ones.

1 week before your interstate move:

Clean out all food stores. This includes defrosting your freezer, making sure your fridge is empty (or at least heading that way!) and all non-perishables from the pantry are all either packed up for moving or given to a friend.

Return all hired DVDs, library books etc.

Finish packing the last of your belongings remembering to clearly label each box in detail.

Clean your property. This includes all carpets, floors, walls, curtains, ceilings, and surfaces. Also give the exterior of the home a good clean as well – make sure no debris or junk is left lying around for the new owners.

Confirm moving date with your movers.

Confirm you have key to your new interstate home (either with you or awaiting you upon arrival)


Make sure you’ve had a good night’s sleep and get up early.

Pack up your bed/bedding and place it in the queue of items waiting to be packed when your professional removalist arrives.
Once you’ve had breakfast, place all remaining ‘necessities’ into a handy ‘survival kit’ that will be first cab off the rank to be unpacked at your new home. This includes things like tea/coffee, mugs, kettle, and other things you will need when you arrive.

Pack your belongings into your moving container backwards – that is, what needs to be first out (chairs, tables, beds etc.) should be last in.

Lastly, enjoy your move! It’s an exciting time and should be carried out with calm precision so you can soak up the fun.

Remember, if all your boxes are clearly labelled with a destination you will only have to handle them once rather than piling everything into one main area then carrying them again to their specific place once you’ve rummaged through it all!